Edufax provides educational mobility support for employers and their internationally mobile families by safeguarding children’s educational trajectories. For assignees traveling with children, ensuring that their children’s education (and therewith their future) are not interfered is a critical factor in the decision-making phase prior to agreeing to an international move. For expats, concerns associated with their children’s education are a continuous potential factor of stress and consequently a breakdown risk throughout their assignment.

Edufax’ Educational Mobility Consultants have extensive experience advising Global Mobility Teams of multinational companies. Some of our partnerships have been thriving for over 25 years, allowing our consultants to not only tailor their advice to each family’s unique needs, but also play a crucial role in understanding a company’s philosophy towards what their internationals can expect from them.

Contact Information

Name: Hanneke Kolthof
Job Title: Sales Manager
Contact Number: +31 613 627 708