Hire, onboard, pay, and manage global teams with Global Expansion’s Employer of Record (EOR) services. We offer an industry-leading global reach with capabilities in 214 countries and territories. Powered by GX1, our award-winning SaaS+ platform, and led by global hr experts, we’ve helped thousands of organizations achieve their global growth objectives. Global Expansion’s HR, payroll, and finance experts create the perfect pairing of technology and people-centered service not found among other EOR providers. Save time, money, and hassle by relying on Global Expansion to help you compliantly build your best global team.

Contact Information

Name: Meredith Morris
Job Title: Director, International Development
Email: meredith.morris@globalexpansion.com
Mobile: +1 713 725 4683

Name: Andy Elson
Job Title: Director, International Development
Email: Andy.Elson@globalexpansion.com
Mobile: +44 7359 362 417