In 2022 the Global Mobility Executive in partnership with global workforce management technology provider, Equus Software, conducted a worldwide survey of Global Mobility & HR leaders on the Evolving Global Mobility Landscape. We are delighted to release the full report detailing how the global mobility industry has evolved since 2020 and revealing key findings on how the new dynamic global workforce has elevated mobility’s role to that of a strategic partner in business.

“Siloed operational models are becoming obsolete and cumbersome,” said Alan Bell, senior vice president of solution consulting at Equus. “This year’s survey results confirm that global mobility is adopting a changed mindset. That is, evolving as an interdependent ecosystem that leverages an automated process, helps drive down costs and duplication, and enables time-saving efficiencies to allow for solutions-creation and innovation.”

In 2020, GME and Equus Software conducted the first survey on technology in global mobility titled, “The Future of Global Mobility – The Digital Journey” and this year’s report is a follow up to understand the extent to which the pandemic and other political, socio and economical forces are influencing the digital transformation of global mobility.

The 2022 survey responses indicate an almost even split between participants based in Europe, 46 percent and North America, 44 percent. Participants represented a wide range of industry sectors but the majority came from the tech sector (40 percent). Fifty seven percent of respondents had an employee population of 20,000 or more.

“It is more apparent than ever that digital transformation is key to helping organizations be agile and adapt to changing priorities,” said Alex Felstead, Co-Founder & Director of Global Mobility Executive. “In order to remain competitive, global mobility leaders are relying on technology to improve their efficiency and spot trends that impact strategic decisions. An integrated technology solution is the thread that weaves together a flexible, agile talent mobility ecosystem.”

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