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Please select ONE breakout room for each the morning session and the afternoon session that you would like to join during the discussions:
Why does flexibility matter in a mobility program? (what’s driving it?) How can Mobility empower employees with choice and accountability?
How do companies balance cost control with flexibility in the hands of employees?
How will policies need to realign to better support organisational agility?

Afternoon Session:
What does the business expect of the global mobility team? Has this changed post-COVID? To what extent is the focus of the mobility function strategic vs. advisory vs administrative?
What should be the main focus of the Mobility team in order to enhance its internal brand? How will the brand of mobility change to align to the new purpose of mobility? e.g. career mobility, immigration advisory, virtual mobility, etc
Is the mobility team having to spend more or less time seeking a ‘seat at the table’ post covid? What existing or new stakeholders need to be engaged and managed? And how?

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