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Please select ONE breakout room for each the morning session and the afternoon session that you would like to join during the discussions:
• How are policies adapting to reflect new business needs and different way of working?
• Remobilisation trends - BT vs STA, STA vs LTA, Virtual Assignments vs Traditional WFH
• Critical to assignments and business travel are current immigration requirements. How are you staying abreast of changing country requirements?
• What have you had to do to address employee and/or current business needs?

Afternoon Session:
• What processes and/or technology are we using to understand the location of traveling/remote employees?
• How do we obtain a clear understanding of what “type of work” is being done, where?
• How can we leverage data that is constantly changing, including travel restrictions and areas most impacted?
• Where do we go from here – what progressive actions can we take with data and technology, to better track, report and respond to evolving global threats?

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