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• How are policies adapting to reflect new business needs and different way of working?
• Remobilisation trends - BT vs STA, STA vs LTA, Virtual Assignments vs Traditional WFH
• Managing changing immigration requirements
• What processes and/or technology are we using to understand the location of traveling/remote employees?
• How do we obtain a clear understanding of what “type of work” is being done, where?
• Do you have a process to understand who is working or traveling to/from specific locations, how long they stay, and if they crossed thresholds requiring employment tax compliance action?

• What does the business expect of the global mobility team? Has this changed post-COVID?
• To what extent is the focus of the mobility function strategic vs. advisory vs administrative?
• Career/ Talent mobility vs business trips vs traditional global mobility
• Is centralising and/or outsourcing transactional mobility on the forefront of businesses in 2020?

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