The Global Mobility Executive are delighted to announce the findings from our survey evaluating the use of technology in Global Mobility programs. Conducted in partnership with Equus Software, the survey aimed to uncover how the mobility function is embracing digitalization and leveraging technology to support their global workforce in times of uncertainty.

According to the results, the use of technology is on the rise with 64% of the companies surveyed currently using some form of technology to track and manage their global workforce. Automation was found to be the primary driver for technology adoption with 92% of Global Mobility and HR leaders looking to streamline the manual processes that can inundate mobility teams and hinder the employee experience.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • 36% of GM & HR leaders are still using Excel to manage their programs
  • 43% state that cost is the main barrier to implementing technology
  • 44% seek to use predictive analytics to gain better insight into cost versus actuals
  • 3% of respondents are using AI or VR tools

Additionally, the findings reveal that 80% of Global Mobility leaders believe integration with their downstream partners and Human Resource systems are important, although many are yet to reach that level of maturity. Despite this disconnect, organizations seek a single source of data to mitigate risk and drive program efficiencies.

“Although Global Mobility has traditionally been slow to embrace technology, it is interesting to see from the results that a shift is taking place and mobility teams are looking for more efficient ways to manage their global workforce, while maintaining compliance and cost effectiveness,” says Shaun Griggs, Founder, Global Mobility Executive.

Alex Felstead, Co-Founder, Global Mobility Executive adds that “It’s clear, technology would free up resources in a tight cost situation and enable GM to change focus from operational to strategic tasks”.

“This research is an encouraging snapshot of an industry slowly but gradually embracing technologies that help manage the complexities of a global workforce,” says Alan Bell, Senior VP of Technology Solutions at Equus. “It’s more important than ever for organizations to be agile and have access to reliable, real-time data, to not only ensure the safety of employees, but also to maintain compliance, and track cost to prove ROI. There are many innovative and cost-effective technology solutions in the market today to help companies achieve this.”

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