The Global Mobility Executive and our partners The Work From Anywhere Team and RoRemote are delighted to share with you the Bite-Size Work From Anywhere white paper.

International remote working continues to cause challenges for many organisations, so we surveyed over 100+ companies, responsible for 2.7 million employees from around the world to find out how leaders are bridging these challenges and what are the best practices.

We continue to work with our partners to compile all the data that was captured and we look forward to sharing the comprehensive white paper in the coming weeks, which will also include practical tips on how companies can manage these risks. These range from simple ideas on how to mitigate the risks (e.g. not allowing senior directors to perform high risk PE activities such as signing contracts, negotiating sales deals, etc.) as well as free tools that companies can avail of (such as the National Cyber Security Risk by country to help weigh up the Data Privacy & Security risks).

You’ll see this and many more tips in the full report, but for now we hope you find this bite-size white paper valuable.

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