Successful Transitions Across Cultural Boundaries

Successful Transitions Across Cultural Boundaries Place2Place is a global provider of Destination Services, catering to the dynamic needs of corporations’ global mobility programs. Our mission is to facilitate a less stressful transition as employees move across borders, ensuring not only their productivity but also the well-being of their families throughout the entire process. At Place2Place, we integrate cutting-edge online platforms with personalized face-to-face interactions to deliver a comprehensive suite of services. These include Home Search, Area Tours, Settling In, School Search, Spouse Support, and Intercultural programs. Our passion lies in preparing transferees and their families for a successful adaptation to their new country. In collaboration with Corporations, Relocation Management Companies, and Recruiters, we forge strong partnerships to elevate the relocation experience

Contact Information

Contact : Clivia Baskin

Job Title: Founder & CEO


Mobile : +1 8172351330

Contact : Traute Malhotra

Job Title: Account Manager


Mobile : +214 597 2962